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Yard Sale!

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Telemarketing and telemedicine company owner Marc Sporn of Delray Beach, Florida, was sentenced on June 16, 2022 to 14 years in prison following a healthcare and wire fraud scheme, in which he robbed Medicare out of more than $20 million. And you can help him with his restitution!

Sporn owned several companies, including CPL Media Group Inc, Medipak, LLC, Real Time Physicians LLC, 24 HR Virtual MD LLC, Medtech Worldwide Inc, New World Holdings Inc, and Ins Cov LLC. All operated schemes around fraudulently selling and billing services and tests to beneficiaries, laboratories and pharmacies using Medicare while Sporn received kickbacks through it all. Telemarketing call centers were used in getting Medicare beneficiaries to accept benefits they didn’t need like prescription creams genetic tests where afterwards Sporn would sell the information and tests to doctors for kickback.  In exchange for more kickbacks, Sporn also sold the doctors’ prescriptions to DME companies, pharmacies and laboratories they would use to submit claims to Medicare.

Spron also used a company called Walmol Holdings to divert millions of dollars to avoid paying his personal income taxes and purchase luxurious items such as watches, jewelry, cars, and yachts. Included in the prison sentence, was a restitution of $24,045,779.  What is next for Spron? A yard sale it appears! To help satisfy the restitution, a selloff is in progress of the goods Sporn bought under Walmol Holdings.  Sporn already sold the 2020 Bentley convertible for $130,889 but below are a few items listed in Sporn’s guilty plea to help satisfy the restitution.

– Ladies’ diamond tennis bracelet, $49,500;

-Custom emerald cut, 48-carat diamond necklace, $92,000;

-Men’s Rolex Masterpiece, $45,000;

-2014 Mercedes G class, $135,680;

-2014 Bentley Flying Spur, $195,000;

1963 Mercedes 190SL bought and restored for $102,000;

-102-foot Leopard Motoryacht named “MY RG 512 (about $1,620,710) in Luxembourg.

Today’s “Fraud of the Day” is based on the article found in the Miami Herald on June 27, 2022

A South Florida telemarketer’s $20 million fraud bought Rolexes, a 1963 Mercedes, prison

For four years, Delray Beach’s Marc Sporn spun the millions streaming to him from his Medicare fraud into ostentatious personal screams of wealth from the classic (1965 Porsche, 2014 Bentley, 1963 Mercedes) to the ostentatious (a $49,500 ladies diamond tennis bracelet, a $92,000 diamond necklace).

Starting in January, Sporn will spin in place, that place being federal prison after his sentencing to 14 years for attempt and conspiracy to commit mail fraud and attempt to evade and defeat income tax. Sporn, 59, also owes $24,045,779 total restitution, $4,212,850 of which will be to the IRS. Sporn dodged paying taxes for the years 2000, 2002-2011, 2014 and 2015

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