Thursday, December 1, 2022

Rolling Along

Medicare fraud involving motorized wheelchairs is big business. The crime is commonly committed by unscrupulous doctors and medical supply companies that are out to make a few extra bucks. Net News Publisher reports that a former officer of a San Bernandino Durable Medical Equipment...

Fresh Start

All of Moe Mathews real estate businesses contain the name “Fresh Start."  Fresh Start Property Solutions, Fresh Start Group LLC, Fresh Start Renovations LLC, Fresh Start Realty LLC and Fresh Start Investments. For ten years, Mathews had been active in all aspects of real...

Just another Day on the Job

I'm sure we've all had negative experiences with the job search process. Good resumes aren't the only qualifier for many jobs—employers want more. Once we find a job, we essentially spend our time trying to keep it until we move to the next one...
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