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Tinted Windows

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Here is a tip. If you wish to increase the tint of your car windows, first check state laws regarding the specific limitations. Most cars come from the factory with some level of window tinting. But car manufacturers make sure that the level of tinting is compliant with federal and state limits. Law enforcement officers are legally allowed to stop a vehicle if they suspect that the window tint is illegal. If Joshua Robinson had heeded this advice, he wouldn’t be facing jail time.

At around 12:45 a.m. on Feb. 23 in Utah, a Washington County deputy pulled Joshua Robinson over for a window tint violation. Nothing good happens after midnight! Robinson gave his brother’s personal identification to the officer. But based on Robinson’s inability to readily answer questions, the deputy spoke with a passenger in the vehicle who said that Robinson had given him a fake name. Tattle tale! Robinson then gave his true identity, stating that he had provided his older brother’s information because he himself thought he had a warrant. Well Joshua, if you didn’t have a warrant before, you do now!

The deputy conducted a probable cause search of Robinson’s vehicle, where he found a black backpack in the back seat which contained a hard-bound notebook filled with pages of handwritten personal information of one hundred and fifty-eight identities. What could one do with this information? Well SNAP fraud for one. Which is what Robinson allegedly did. Also in the backpack was a total of 30 Nevada food stamp financial cards, each with a different number and name. Robinson claims he knew nothing about the bag and that the bag belonged to his brother. But if you didn’t know about the bag Robinson, how did you know it belonged to your brother?

Innocent until proven guilty! For either Joshua Robinson or his brother. A date for the arraignment t has yet to be set.

Great job by the Washington County police.

Today’s Fraud of The Day is based on article “Man arrested in possession of 158 separate identities in Washington County” published by ABC4 News on February 23, 2024

A man was arrested in Washington County with 30 financial cards and the information of 158 individual identities early Friday morning, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Joshua M. Robinson, 25, was arrested on 30 counts of unlawful acquisition/possession/transfer of a financial card (third-degree felony), unlawful possession of ID of another — documents of 100-plus individuals (second-degree felony), false personal information with intent to be another actual person (class A misdemeanor), possession of controlled substance marijuana/spice (class B misdemeanor), and driving on a suspended/revoked license (class-C misdemeanor).

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