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This Identity Is Just Right

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”Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is a story about a little girl, Goldilocks, who is looking for where she fits in. One day, she stumbles onto the home of the three bears. As the story goes, she tries out three porridges (bowls of oatmeal), three chairs, and three beds before finding one of each that fits her needs perfectly. Goldilocks is a classic, well-known tale. Maybe now look for the next bestseller of someone else trying to fit in. It is titled “Wilfrido Baez Villar and the Four Stolen Identities.” Sure to be a New York Best Seller!

Baez Villar first attempted to enter the United States in December 1994 using an altered passport from the Dominican Republic that had been issued to another Dominican citizen. The fraud was discovered when he arrived in New York City. Baez Villar thereafter, voluntarily returned to the Dominican Republic. Or so he said. It appears, however, that Baez Villar actually unlawfully reentered the United States. In April 1996, Baez Villar used the identity of a second victim to fraudulently obtain a Massachusetts driver’s license. But that identity was just not right. In November 1998, Baez Villar obtained an ID card from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles using a third stolen identity. Still not right.

In December 1998, Baez Villar applied for and received yet another Massachusetts driver’s license in the name of a fourth victim. And this one was just right. Because, between August 1999 and January 2018, Baez Villar applied for and received duplicate licenses or renewals in that individual’s name on eight other occasions. Baez Villar liked this identity so much, that in January 2019, using the fourth victim’s identity, he applied for and received a replacement Real ID/Massachusetts driver’s license. In December 2019, Baez Villar then used the fourth victim’s identity to apply for a United States passport.

We dedicate “Wilfrido Baez Villar and the Four Stolen Identities” to the special agents in the Social Security Administration for a job well done.

Today’s Fraud of The Day is based on article “Stoughton Man Sentenced to Probation for Social Security, Passport Fraud in Massachusetts” published by Hoodline on December 12, 2023

A man from Stoughton has been handed a probation sentence after pleading guilty to social security and passport fraud charges in federal court, as per the U.S. Justice Department.

Wilfrido Baez Villar, 49, was sentenced to a year and a half of probation, with the first six months to be spent under house confinement, according to an announcement on the Department of Justice’s website.

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