Broke and Homeless

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Those within the nursing profession take the ‘Nightingale Pledge’ swearing to adhere to a code of ethics that states they will never knowingly cause harm to someone in their care. One Florida- based nursing assistant has been accused of disregarding her pledge so she could defraud her patient.

Jacqueline Bing, of Winter Haven, was entrusted with caring for a disabled elderly man who was unable to care for himself. (Brace yourself for a story about how a safe haven turned into a hellish nightmare for this unfortunate man.) Bing is charged with one count of exploitation of a disabled adult and one count of conspiracy to defraud.

The elderly man was removed from Bing’s care in January but that did not put an end to her scheme. Bing allegedly continued to collect the man’s Social Security payments after she was no longer his caretaker, resulting in her pocketing $2,580. (Instead of providing assistance to her patient, Bing robbed him of what little financial security he had left.)

The Social Security payments were the man’s only source of income. Without the payments, he was unable to pay his lease and was forced to relocate to a homeless shelter. (Does this woman have no conscience?) Tragically, social workers have been unable to find a new home for the man due to the unfortunate financial circumstances caused by Bing’s fraud. (You have to be heartless to force an elderly disabled man into homelessness.)  

Bing supposedly provided a fraudulent lease for the man when confronted by investigators from the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. She had forged the documents to try to cover her tracks and get away with her Social Security fraud scheme. (Fraudsters need to stop thinking that if something worked in a crime movie it will also work for them.)

A statement was issued by Florida’s Attorney General Ashely Moody condemning Bing’s exploitation of her profession and patient. “I am sickened that this patient was abandoned and left homeless as a result of the caretaker’s criminal activity,” said Moody. (All frauds are awful in their own way, but this scheme is particularly heartbreaking.)

Medicaid Fraud Control Units work to investigate frauds that would seek to exploit those who depend on Medicaid. They partner with the state’s office of the attorney general to help prosecute the fraudsters and bring them to justice.

If you have witnessed abuse or neglect of a patient caused by a Medicaid approved practitioner, you should report it to your state’s Office of Inspector General through their website or tip line.

Today’s Fraud of the Day comes from an article, “Polk County nursing assistant accused of exploiting an adult with disabilities,” published by WTSP on July 6, 2020.

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. — A certified nursing assistant from Polk County was arrested and accused of exploitation of a man with disabilities.

According to the Florida attorney general’s office, Jacqueline Bing was the caretaker for a man with disabilities; however, the man allegedly was taken out of Bing’s care back in January. Prosecutors say an investigation showed Bing continued to collect the man’s monthly Social Security payments after she was no longer his caretaker. She is accused of collecting a total of $2,580.


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Larry Benson, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, LexisNexis Risk Solutions - Government

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