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Alan Todd May was serving a 20-year prison sentence for mail fraud over a $7 million Ponzi scheme when he stole a U.S. Bureau of Prisons truck and escaped from a federal lockup in Englewood, Colorado, in December 2018. Three and a half years later the trail went cold. It was then discovered that May, while in federal custody, had  managed to steal another $700,000 by filing fraudulent documents and pilfering unclaimed oil and gas royalties that were owed to several companies. An unrehabilitated fraudster. After the court indicted the still missing May for the oil-and-gas scheme, the U.S. Marshals service renewed its push to find him, asking for the public’s help and posting a $5,000 reward. Tips then came in from everywhere but May remained hidden. Or was he? This fugitive wasn’t exactly keeping a low profile.

Turns out May was living a lavish lifestyle where he was flaunting his wealth in high society down in south Florida. Investigators’ big break came on July 25, 2023, when a tipster recognized May in the newspaper photo and alerted the marshals. May had attended a fundraiser for a Palm Beach area suicide hotline group, posing for one of hundreds of photos taken at the event. May was captured while moving into a $1.5 million house near the ocean on Florida’s Gold Coast.

For five years, Alan Todd May, who had been illusive to authorities had been living under the name “Jacob Turner”. A LinkedIn page associated with May said that “Jacob Turner” — his alias — was a “certified mediator” in Palm Beach. May did more than commit fraud while in prison. He had completed a class on mediation. Paid for by the U.S. Government. And using it to support his new life with a stolen identity. That’s rehabilitation!

Great job by the Federal marshals in pursing this case.

Today’s Fraud of The Day is based on article “Colorado fugitive who was captured in Florida was leading a posh lifestyle and flaunting his wealth” published by The Associated Press on August 5, 2023

A career fraudster who escaped from a federal prison in Colorado nearly five years ago was captured this week while moving into a $1.5 million house near the ocean on Florida’s Gold Coast, federal officials said Friday.

Federal marshals arrested Alan Todd May, 58, at the house in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday while movers unloaded a U-Haul truck. He was wearing a Rolex watch at the time of the arrest, and drove a high-end Mercedes, according to investigators who had been surveilling him.

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