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Quick Money

Senior Director of Strategic Alliances
LexisNexis Risk Solutions - Government

During an October 2023 episode of the “Mommy & Me” podcast, Shelitha Robertson was asked about how she might react to an opportunity to make money quickly. Nothing but moral uprightness for this former Atlanta assistant city attorney and an ex-cop. “I choose integrity and whatever else it brings. I don’t choose selling your soul to the devil. Because that would mean I am willing to belittle myself and degrade myself for the love of what? Of a dollar,” Robertson said. Turns out Robertson was willing to belittle herself and degrade herself but for the love of $7,020,779 in fraudulently obtained COVID-19 Paycheck Protection Program funds. And, while Robertson was expounding on air about being honest and having strong moral principles, she actually knew that the Department of Justice was already investigating her for fraud.

In April and May of 2020, Roberton fraudulently applied for millions of dollars in government loans for four businesses she owned. The loan applications falsely inflated the number of employees and average monthly payroll for each of the four businesses, resulting in larger PPP loans than Robertson would be legitimately entitled to obtain. She also filed fake tax documents to support the loan applications. Robertson used the fraudulent money to buy a 10-carat diamond ring and a Rolls Royce. She needed something to drive to the podcast studio.

Robertson shared the wealth too. Not only did she transfer some of the fraudulently obtained proceeds to her family. She transferred some of those funds to her co-conspirator Chandra Norton. Who also is a disbarred attorney. And also a fellow convicted fraud. Sadly, the allure of ‘quick money’ in this pandemic was too much for even prosecutors.

On June 9, 2024, Robertson was sentenced to seven years for stealing from the U.S. government.
Excellent job by the Small Business Administration Office of Inspector General.

Today’s Fraud of The Day is based on article “Atlanta prosecutor jailed for 7 years after stealing $15 million through PPP loans” published by The Blaze on June 9, 2024.

Daily Mail reported that the former assistant city attorney of Atlanta, who also had a life advice podcast, has been sentenced to jail for seven years for obtaining approximately $15 million in COVID relief loans.
Shelitha Robertson, 62, used the illegally acquired funds to purchase a 10 carat diamond ring, a Rolls Royce, and a motorbike, according to the report. She obtained the immense amount of money through the Paycheck Protection Program, which was a stimulus program set up to help struggling businesses during the pandemic.

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