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Playing Tricks in the Twin Cities

Playing Tricks in the Twin Cities

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Trenea D. Davis, 47, has been caught playing tricks in the Twin Cities. For five years, the Minneapolis woman was the ringleader of a swindling con, stealing $850,000 from the state’s Medicaid program. (Imagine the success she would have had if she applied her work ethic to a legitimate business.)

Personal care assistants (PCA) grant individuals with physical or mental conditions the independence to live in their homes, while also helping clients with their daily activities. From 2014 to 2018, Davis worked as a PCA. She then switched to posing as a patient, stating she needed 12 hours of assistance from a PCA. (I suppose the 7,000 hours Davis worked as a PCA put her in a critical state.)

From 2015 to 2020, the fraudster encouraged her friends and family to make false claims of having medical conditions that require PCA services. (People will do anything for a quick buck these days.) Davis colluded with PCAs, having them report completing services that were never provided. She also created an arrangement with the PCAs to split checks. (Will Davis and the other PCAs also split the number of years spent in jail?)

Davis pleaded guilty to five counts of theft by swindle and was sentenced in Hennepin District County District Court. The ringleader will serve three years in prison, with an option of supervised release. She must also pay $852,000 in restitution. (Perhaps her fellow PCA friends can help with that financial burden.)

However, Davis is not the only one with a guilty sentence. Davis’ husband, niece, and friends have also pleaded guilty to cooperating in this con. The ringleaders’ brother-in-law, Marc Anthony Zeno, 56, of Gramercy, La., is on the run and has a warrant out for his arrest. (Maybe the Davis family can secure a family prison bus for their ride to jail?)

Today’s Fraud of the Day article come from a StarTribune article, “Nearly 5-year term for woman whose fraud scheme cost Minnesota’s Medicaid program more than $850K,” published on April 22, 2022.

A 47-year-old woman was sentenced Thursday to nearly five years in prison and ordered to make full restitution for orchestrating a long-running fraud scheme that cost the state’s Medicaid program more than $850,000.

Trenea D. Davis was sentenced in Hennepin County District Court after pleading guilty to five counts of theft by swindle filed by the state Attorney General’s Office, which exposed her as the ringleader of a swindling operation from January 2015 to March 2020.

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