[SPECIAL SERIES: FRAUD WEEK] Uncover Real World Frontline Digital Identity Threats & Trends Happening Now


Our webinar, “Frontline Digital Identity Threats & Trends Happening Right Now,” uncovers existing and emerging digital identity threats and trends to government agencies and the people they serve. Learn how to protect your agency portals from bad actors by matching customer, citizen, or employee device/identity attributes to a data analytics-driven digital identity and its digital risk history. These actionable insights enable both secure and equitable access to services.

Discover real world, frontline threats to government agencies causing major impacts, including:

• Endless data breaches
• UI portal assaults
• New threat vectors like supply-chain attacks
• User personally identifiable information (PII) harvesting through social engineering


David Maimon: Professor and Next Generation Scholar in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies’ Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology, Director of the Evidence-based Cybersecurity Research Group at Georgia State University
George Freeman: Senior Solutions Consultant, Fraud & Identity, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions

Learn how you protect your agency from growing digital identity threats.