Saturday, February 27, 2021

Turning Property Fraud Cases into Newly Found Revenue for Your Jurisdiction

State and local governments depend on revenue from property tax collection to provide many vital community services such as education, public works, public safety and social services. While most citizens are responsible and pay their taxes, there are others who don’t pay their fair share. When fraudsters evade tax and revenue departments by inaccurately reporting property values or usage, not filing taxes or engaging in other fraudulent activities, the result causes lost revenue and back taxes totaling millions of dollars.

Business Email Compromise Fraud Matters

Business Email Compromise (BEC), a sophisticated online scam that targets businesses and tricks employees into transferring money to cyber criminals, is responsible for $1.6 billion in losses in the U.S. and $5.3 billion globally since 2013. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that...

The Opioid Crisis: When Healthcare Fraud Turns Deadly

The Opioid Crisis is now a Public Health Emergency. Combating the crisis and the criminals using fraud to perpetrate it (and often using taxpayer-funded dollars to do so), is critical. It is going to take data from multiple sources – providers, medical claims, pharmacy claims, public records, law enforcement records management system, computer-aided dispatch and more – to win. Siloed data will be the enemy of success, but data sharing will enable success.

What Does Fraud Actually Do to its Victims?

In honor of International Fraud Awareness Week (November 12-18), a worldwide event which serves to get the word out about fraud and its related crimes, organizations are working to help consumers and businesses understand not just the things they can do to minimize their risk of identity theft, but also the very serious ways that being a victim can hurt you. For more than a decade, the Identity Theft Resource Center has compiled the Identity Theft: The Aftermath report, which surveys victims who have previously contacted the nonprofit organization about their identity theft problems.

Government: Silo your data at your own risk

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, so far there have been 1,120 data breaches in 2017 alone, compromising more than 171 million records. These records include names, birth dates, Social Security numbers (SSN), addresses, phone numbers and more – all the components needed to use a stolen identity to commit fraud. These records – and the corresponding identities – are now on sale all over the dark web. According to the 2017 LexisNexis Fraud Mitigation Study, criminals who commit fraud in one industry are likely to commit fraud in other industries, as well.

Neighborhood Fraudster

How well do you know your neighbors? While many of us may socialize with the folks who live on our street on a regular basis, that doesn't mean we know who they really are. An Ohio man, who considered himself to be the neighborhood...

A Bad Seed

There are multiple reasons for pruning. In general, it helps the plant, and its foliage to become stronger and healthier. Today 's fraudster, who worked for a tree and landscape company, had already been "pruned" once for a prior workers' compensation conviction. (Unfortunately, the...

The Nerve of Them

Fraudsters have some nerve to think that they can steal from government health care programs and get away with it. A Detroit-area doctor and owner of a medical billing company were quite confident in their abilities to steal $28 million from Medicare, but fortunately...

School of Hard Knocks

If you want to lose the respect of your peers, steal their personal information and use it to apply for student loans you don't deserve. That's what today's fraudster did to fund her doctorate degree. A 64-year-old retired high school teacher stole and used the...

Adding Insult to Injury

There 's nothing like trying to repair your credit record, then being victimized by the very entity that was supposed to help you do it. (Talk about adding insult to injury.) That 's what happened in today 's "Fraud of the Day," which tells...
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