Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Trickle-down Effect

The term ''trickle-down effect'' is commonly used to describe an economic theory suggesting that tax breaks or government benefits received by businesses or wealthy citizens, will flow through to the needy and eventually improve the economy as a whole. The Advocate reports that government...

Multi-Agency Success

Some problems are better solved in teams. For example, if you've seen some crime shows, you know that law enforcement agencies find teamwork a necessary method to crime solving. Combining multiple minds and perspectives, as well as different connections and processes, create the perfect...

Daycare, Who Cares?

Did you ever send your children to daycare? Were you apprehensive about the process? Putting your children in the hands of another person can certainly create some anxiety. According to a Courier-Journal article, some parents may be thinking twice about daycare now that one...
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