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Impersonating Thomas

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Never provide personal identifying information to anyone unless you are absolutely certain they have a reason and a right to have it. Department of Motor Vehicles, employers, Social Security Offices. Yes. Doctors, schools, sports facilities. No. And your ex-wife. Seattle Seahawk Super Bowl winner Earl Thomas learned that the hard way. Nina didn’t take it too well finding Earl with another woman in May of 2020. She wanted revenge and had her boyfriend, Kevin Thompson help her, by taking on Earl’s identity.

Using Earl’s personal identification information, Thompson obtained a driver’s license with his photo. Thompson used the fake driver’s license to open an account in Thomas’ name at Jefferson Federal Credit Union. Over the next year, Thompson moved more than $700,000 money from Thomas’ accounts into his own accounts at Jefferson Federal Union. He also stole a large amount of money from the player’s retirement account.

But the scam wasn’t limited to bank accounts. Using the fake identity, Thompson transferred ownership of several of the vehicles Earl owned. Thompson then sold Thomas’ vehicles, pocketing the cash. He didn’t sell all of them though. He kept the blue Rolls Royce SUV, which he had in his possession when arrested in the credit union’s parking lot. Thompson loved that car. He loved it so much that after being released from jail, he tried to get the Rolls-Royce back from the Sheriff’s Office. Unfortunately, he arrived in a 2022 Chevrolet Corbvette previously reported stolen in Atlanta. Thompson was arrested again.

Thompson has been charged with identity theft, forgery, money laundering, credit card fraud, computer fraud and bank fraud. All with the personal identifying information of one guy who had an angry wife. Moral of the story: be careful who has your information!

Great job by the Sheriff’s Office in tracking Thompson down.

Today’s Fraud of The Day is based on article “Seattle Seahawks Ex Earl Thomas Victim in Identify Theft Case” published by Sports Illustrated on November 9, 2023

Former Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas continues to be involved in legal trouble relating to his ex-wife, another chapter in a series of events since Thomas last played in the NFL in 2020.

Per the New York Post and first reported by Nola.com, Thomas is the victim in an identity theft scheme that was started by Kevin J. Thompson, the boyfriend of Thomas’ ex-wife, Nina Thomas.

Thompson allegedly stole up to $1.9 million from Thomas after using the former All-Pro’s identity to cash NFL checks and steal money from his bank account among other things.

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