Terminal Fraudster


Being diagnosed with a terminal illness is a very sobering event, and not one to be taken lightly. The woman at the center of today’s ”Fraud of the Day” faked a terminal illness and used it to delay reporting to prison for a federal conviction involving identity theft and unemployment fraud.

The woman had already pleaded guilty to multiple offenses that had occurred while she was employed at an insurance company. She was sentenced to 51 months in prison, three years of supervised release, and was ordered to pay $400,000 in restitution to the insurance company and three previous employers who she had defrauded through her scheme.

After her sentencing, the woman made five separate motions through her attorney to delay her prison report date based on claims that she had a heart condition and had received a terminal cancer diagnosis. (She created, forged the signatures of her physicians, and submitted the letters that detailed her conditions.) Her prison report dates were continued based on the fraudulent information.

About three months after submitting the fake physician documentation, she changed her name, received a new Social Security number and a Connecticut driver’s license under the new identity. Approximately a year after that, she applied for a U.S. Passport and marked ”No” in the box that asked whether she had ever been issued a U.S. Passport. (The woman lied. She had received a U.S. Passport under her former name.)

During the time when she was sentenced for her first crime and when she applied for the U.S. Passport under her new identity, she was also employed at a local insurance company and a hospital under her new identity. For a six-month period during that window, she received $9,808 in unemployment compensation from the State of Connecticut under her pervious identity.

The 36-year-old fraudster pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud, one count of making a false statement on a passport application and one count of aggravated identity theft. She is facing a maximum of 32 years in prison.

Let’s hope that the judge does not take this fraudster’s crimes lightly and provides an appropriate punishment. This woman’s criminal actions have come to an end and I’m pretty sure that she will finally experience a very sobering event when sentenced.


Source: Today’s ”Fraud of the Day” is based on a Department of Justice press release entitled, ”East Windsor Woman Pleads Guilty to Committing Multiple Crimes after Sentencing for Prior Offense,” released on December 12, 2016.

Deirdre M. Daly, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, announced that ALIYAH THERESA JULIATE DAVIS, also known as Theresa Juliate Sutherland, 36, of East Windsor, waived her right to indictment and pleaded guilty today in New Haven federal court to multiple offenses that she committed while awaiting incarceration after a prior federal conviction.

According to court documents and statements made in court, on December 17, 2014, DAVIS, who was then known as Theresa Sutherland, was sentenced in Hartford federal court to 51 months of imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release, for engaging in a fraud and identity theft scheme at an insurance company where she was employed. As part of her sentence, DAVIS was ordered to pay total restitution of $400,000 to the victim insurance company and three previous employers that she defrauded.

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Larry Benson, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, LexisNexis Risk Solutions - Government

Larry Benson is responsible for developing strategic partnerships and solutions for the government vertical. His expertise focuses on how government programs are defrauded by criminal groups, and the approaches necessary to prevent them from succeeding.

Mr. Benson has 30 years of experience in sales and business development. Before joining LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, he spent 12 years founding and managing two software technology startups. During the 1990s he spent 10 years as a Regional Director helping to grow a New England-based technology company from 300 employees to 7,000. He started his career with Martin Marietta Aerospace working on laser guided weapons and day/night vision systems.

A sought-after speaker and accomplished writer, Mr. Benson is the principal author of “Fraud of the Day,” a website dedicated to educating government officials about how criminals are defrauding government programs. He has co-authored WTF? Where’s the Fraud? How to Unmask and Stop Identity Fraud’s Drain on Our Government, and Data Personified, How Fraud is Changing the Meaning of Identity.

Benson holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Albright College, and earned two graduate degrees – a Master of Business Administration from Florida Institute of Technology, and a Master of Science in Engineering from Lehigh University.