Knowledge is Power. Protect Your Personal and Financial Information.


In this day and age, tax fraud and identity theft is a business. Unfortunately, there are people that make a career out of defrauding hard-working citizens that truly want to be tax compliant. These predators take advantage of unsuspecting taxpayers by preying on their fear and desire to either become, or remain, compliant. Being aware of possible scams, and how these fraudsters collect information, is the key to security.

Awareness is the first, critical step in ensuring that personal and financial information remains confidential. It is imperative that all taxpayers are mindful of these potential scams and should take every precaution to protect their financial material.

Anyone that initiates contact and is attempting to get financial data or personal information over the phone, or via email, should raise a red flag.

The old saying, ”knowledge is power” is a simple, yet important adage. Pay special attention to anyone asking you to share personal or financial information. It is not a common practice for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or a state department of revenue, to initiate contact with taxpayers by email or phone call to request personal or financial information. If you receive an email or call making that request, immediately contact the IRS or your state tax office and ask questions.

The Kentucky Department of Revenue’s top priority is to ensure the safety of our taxpayer’s financial information and assist all taxpayers with courteous service while administering the Commonwealth’s tax laws fairly and efficiently.

About the Kentucky Department of Revenue? As part of the Finance and Administration Cabinet, the mission of the Kentucky Department of Revenue is to administer tax laws, collect revenue, and provide services in a fair, courteous, and efficient manner for the benefit of the Commonwealth and its citizens. For more information, visit

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Daniel Bork was appointed as commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Revenue in December 2015. The department, with nearly 1,000 employees, administers tax laws, collects revenue, and provides services in a fair, courteous, and efficient manner for the benefit of the Commonwealth and its citizens.