Tuesday, October 26, 2021

ID Fraud Puts Dangerous Drivers on Streets

The United States is a country of immigrants and many have humble beginnings. Today's Fraud of the Day from The Chicago Sun-Times takes a look at a poor farmer's son who fled his foreign homeland after being fined for having a second child (note...

Caught Red Handed…Twice

Did you ever watch cartoons growing up? For those of you who have (and maybe still do), I'm sure you remember the animated facial gestures the cartoon characters made when they were caught ''red-handed'' doing something they shouldn't have been doing. Their heads would...

Ex-Employee at Transitional Housing Facility Allegedly Defrauds the Mentally Ill

Just when you think people can't sink any lower, news of a new scheme comes to light. According to KHON2.com, this one allegedly took place in Hawaii at the Haleulu Pono facility, a transitional home for nearly 70 mentally ill residents. The article reported...
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