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Family Reunion

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LexisNexis Risk Solutions - Government

In 2011, Betty Gowan was 57-years-old and murdered her husband. She said she didn’t mean to. Mistakes happen! Prosecutors said otherwise. They claimed Gowan wanted full ownership of the house. It is not relevant now. Betty was sentenced to twenty years and she did her time. But what’s a 78-year-old lady to do after completing her prison sentence? She files for her social security. But when Social Security Administration (SSA) officials received Gowen’s application, there was a problem. It turns out that SSA had been mailing Betty Gowan her benefits, since 2010’s

Upon investigation, it was revealed that Gowans daughter, Judith Cash, and granddaughter, Christy Bowling, had already applied for and had been receiving Gowen’s SSA Retirement Benefits. How about some family therapy people? Unbeknownst to Gowan, Cash and Bowling had been using the funds through a shared bankcard for anything but Gowans future. Maybe this was retaliation for murdering their dad/grandfather? Either way, it is a federal crime.

In May of 2022 Gowans daughter, Judith Cash pled guilty to theft of public money and was sentenced to one year of home detention. In November 2022, granddaughter Christy Bowling, 38, pled guilty to theft of government money but was sentenced to two months in federal prison and then one year of home detention. Fun times for the family if they are living together!

Great job by the Social Security Administration for this investigation.

Great job Today’s Fraud Of The Day is based on article “Virginia mother, daughter plead guilty to stealing over $170K in Social Security retirement funds” published by Fox News on February 26, 2023

Two Virginia women pleaded guilty last week to stealing more than $170,000 in Social Security retirement funds after making a false application in their incarcerated family member’s name.

According to court documents, in August 2020, Betty Gowen contacted the Social Security Administration (SSA) to apply for Title II Retirement Insurance Benefits upon her release from prison. Gowen had been incarcerated since 2011 for the murder of her husband.

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