Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Using Rags for Riches

There is nothing like hearing a story of success about an individual who went from ''rags to riches.'? It takes gumption to build success out of nothing. Of course, there is always the flipside of that coin? the coward who steals from the poor....

University of Fraud

Choosing a college is an exciting part of growing up. You have finally reached an age where you will make major decisions. According to an ABC-23 article, one California woman took her decision-making to an extreme, not only affecting her life, but also the...

Dinner with a Side of Fraud

There is nothing like a nice dinner out. You gotta love good food, good service, good company and identity fraud. What's better than dinner and a show? According to a Yahoo! News article, a Colorado chain restaurant witnessed a unique show when one customer's...
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