About “Fraud of the Day”

Most people play by the rules. They pay their taxes. If eligible for a tax break or government benefits, they request only that to which they are entitled. Then there are others, scammers and fraudsters—who don’t play by the rules and are abusing our government programs and stealing tax payer dollars.

Five days a week, “Fraud of the Day” shines a light – through daily articles – on these egregious fraudsters and the dedicated work by federal, state and local government agencies to stop their unlawful activities and make sure justice is served.

By raising awareness of these fraudulent cases on a daily basis across a variety of government programs, Fraud of the Day hopes to help workers, at every level of the government, better understand the types of fraud potentially impacting their agencies and how their colleagues and industry experts are helping to stop it.

Fraud of the Day also relies on expert writers and contributors, from both the public and private sectors, to share best practices, insights and point of views, on how fraud is being perpetrated against government programs and the solutions needed to detect and stop it.

The more we understand fraud, the better equipped we will be to prevent it.